What is Kali Prime?

Kali Prime is an allegorical investigation and manifestation of application by which is approached with a particular theoretical construct.

This construct is completely reliant upon whatever vectors, I feel are satisfactory or remarkable. It is not my intent to claim some ultimate authority or supersede established understanding. Rather I put forth my vision birthed from whatever wisdom I might possess. This construct is my Work, in the mystical sense.

This construct begins with the idea that Kali is Prime. Just as evolutionists (??) dream of that primordial nebula of terraform matter, I look to Kali as the birthing mother of Enlightenment.

We'll begin this journey below...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


 The mundanes of this world live a pitiful and fear consumed life. Stark-raving mad with worries of that which fills the depths of night. Petrified with the idea of being further victimized. Whimpering and whining that the world is a cold, cruel, and murderous place. Tortured by the knowledge that as a terrestrial being, they are more likely prey than predator. There was a time when one Dark-Horse could rise up and turn the tables of reality upside down.

 The Dark-Horse was not born with any particular advantage. It was the Essence inside that ignited the divergence. It takes only a little reflection to realize no event happens independently. Just as the rainfalls, the conditions must be present and fertile for occurrence. Our Dark-Horse is simply a gifted Seer, endowed with the ability and training to see things from the Rising Field.

 Unlike cowardly mundanes, the Dark-Horse stands wild-eyed and fierce in the face of pending destruction. A smirk fastens to his face, as his blade (metaphorical and at times literal) with precision timing and accuracy delivering debilitating lesions effortlessly. A sinister chuckle seeps from his lips caused by the delight of his enemy’s ranks turning on each other in frantic terror. Their terror is the residual effects of a poison he leaked by uttering a few malefic breaths. The malefic breath takes possession of its victim, rotting them at the core. Provoking a feverish madness of mistrust and malice for the very herd they felt protected within, just moments before the breath fell on their ears.

 The Dark-Horse has a nature of such, that he is without ambition to be known or revered. His effectiveness comes from his ability to be the wildcard. He will amass no more than a clan. Populated by Emissaries, Seers, and Sly-men working together to affect the mundane field; sickening it.

 The clan only takes its fill, respecting the nourishing mother. Preserving the balance of the causal, the clan, rely on its predictability for their craft. Believing to be the carnal manifestation of a certain primordial essence. Creative, corrosive, inverse, and sinister; the essence of Svātantrya.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

7 Cosmoses of Consciousness

I have come to the idea that man struggles falsely for the attainment of enlightenment and godhood. That instead of embracing his two fold nature as flesh and spirit, he is distracted and wishes to be something other than what he is (or is capable of becoming). I think man should focus on becoming man and understand that not only is he mortal but he misunderstands all things of a supernatural level. Spirit in my eyes is closer to a 'memeplex' than it is to how it is commonly perceived. Man is not born with a spirit but if he works in the right way may develop one. In this I believe we can now understand the term ‘possession’ with more clarity, as the type of spirit I am talking about can be found taking possession. Some men that I believe developed a spirit (and only a few of many) are:

Robert the Bruce
Genghis Khan
Alexander the Great
William Shakespear

They are only a few from my list, but they all had the ability to presence themselves and their ideas both separately and synonymously to the level that they still infect us to this day. It isn't uncommon to hear someone say something like "In the Spirit of Shakespear, I think this, that, or the other."

These people invoked passion in their audience and can drive them to a particular emotional state which is then obviously very suggestible. To do this man must temper himself. He must think on 7 different levels. He must hold all things to its respected vectors, each thing from its level to its own. Those levels are as follows:

Eternity - Gurdjieff’s Absolute in the Ray of Creation - World 1 - The 9 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Universe - The Zero Current - Eternity - Life - Primitive - Ancestral - Origin - Before - Having No Definition - Will (or Pure Will) - Impossible to determine

Great Cosmos - All worlds in the Ray of Creation - World 3 - Governed by the Laws of Macrocosm and Eternity - The Universe as 8 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Macrocosm - Existence - Life in Universe - Sacred - Definition - Deity - Not impossible to determine - Preserved Whole - Transformation - Ultimate State of Being - Transcendence - Reality - Mystery - Divine - First Existence - Three Forces

Macrocosm - Starry World or the Milky Way - World 6 in the Ray of Creation - Governed by the Laws of The Solar System and Great Cosmos - The Galaxy as 7 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Solar System - Zero Current of Universe - Xeno - Life in Galaxy - The Large Scale - Elemental Existence - Wonder - Six Forces

Solar System - The Sun - World 12 in the Ray of Creation - All things Possible for the Solar System are realized in Eternally - This is Man in his Symbolic Mind - Governed by the Laws of The Earth and Macrocosm - The Solar System as 6 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Earth - The Zero Current of Galaxy - Life in Solar System - Celestial Existence - Sky - Spirit - Animate - 12 Months - Twelve Forces - The Symbolic (Nuero-Semantic-Dexterity) Circuit (The Rational Mind) Imprinted by human artifacts and symbol systems. Concerned with handling the environment, invention, calculation, prediction, building a “map” of the universe etc. It is associated with physical dexterity and caffeine, speed, cocaine and a high-protein diet activate this circuit. This circuit supposedly appeared first when hominids started differentiating from the rest of the primates

Earth - Representative of the Planetary World or All Planets - World 24 in the Ray of Creation - All things Possible for The Earth are realized in the Great Cosmos - Governed by Laws of Man and Solar System - The Earth is 5 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Man - The Zero Current of Solar System - Eden - Life on Earth - Organic Life - 24 Hours - Twenty-Four Forces

Man - All things Possible are realized in the Macrocosm - Governed by the Laws of Microcosm and Microcosm - The Man as 4 Dimensional Existence - The Absolute of Atom - The Zero Current of Earth - Adam - One Base - Three values +1 - Forty-Eight Forces - The Emotional-Territorial Circuit (Freud's Ego) Imprinted in the toddling stage, concerned with emotions, domination and submission strategies, territory etc. The first imprint on this circuit identifies the stimuli which will automatically trigger dominant, aggressive behavior or submissive, co-operative behavior. This circuit is activated with abundant quantities of alcohol. This circuit appeared first in territorial vertebrate animals. This circuit introduces a 2nd dimension; up/down

Microcosm - The Atom - All things Possible are Realized in the Solar System - The Atom or Microbe is 3 Dimensional Existence - The Zero Current of Man - Polar +1 - Positive + Neutral + Negative - Cause + Action + Effect - Manifestation - Ninety-Six Forces - Moon - Outer Darkness - Electromagnetic - Mechanical World - The Final Division - The Bio-survival Circuit (The Breath of Consciousness) Imprinted in infancy, concerned with suckling, nourishment, cuddling, bio-security, etc. The imprinting of this circuit sets up the basic attitude of trust or suspicion which will last for life. First activated when a human being is born, and programs perception onto an either-or grid, divided into nurturing-helpful and noxious-dangerous (approach/accept vs. flight/flee). Leary thinks that this circuit is stimulated in adults by opioid drugs. This circuit is said to have appeared in the earliest evolution of invertebrate brain. This circuit begins with 1 spatial dimension, forward/back.

There is of course more information to the above, but In order to keep this short; I’ll keep it short in relative terms. There exists or I have developed methods of negotiating in each of these levels. However I’m unsure now as to what further to flush out for you. Obviously the microbe world meets resistance from the Laws of the Solar System, and then within that gives rise to the manifestations of Man and Earth. Each level is subject to the laws of the one just above and the one just below it. An example might be a cold (microbe) or a hurricane (earth), is directly effecting Man. What then is my end goal? Man self-actualizing (Maslow), and becoming a trans-personal consciousness (Adept) than can in fact affect change on a Earthly level using the power of spirit.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 - Conception

The Mystery Traditions have all always pointed to one over-arching idea. The idea that man can be more. Even when taking the staunch materialist perspective, the truth of man's quest for ascension; is boldly undeniable. Sadly the drive to fulfill that ever-present urge to conquer. Yes I said it, man thrives because he thirsts to conquer. Man has always been the passionately jealous spartan warrior drenched in glory, and soaked in blood; lover of the quest. Peace can never fall upon this world, because man instinctively does not want peace. What man wants is more. Bigger, better, faster, stronger, richer, and smarter comes in so many different forms. A new Porsche, the Heavy Weight Title of the World, enlightenment,  and Samsara all have in common this one thing; they take work.

Work is often met with weary heart and the desire to do as little as possible. Some men avoid it like the plague. Yet they suffer with the worst frustration, always falling short. I'm not writing for this man. This blog is for the man who strives to reach new levels and is inspired by ecstasy of being. The man who understands the worth of commanding subordination of ever faculty at their disposal. The man who can recognize the difference between hard and fulfilling work is knowing how to work.

My Mother is the principle of consciousness. She is Akhanda Satchidananda; indivisible Reality, Awareness, and Bliss. The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark. This inebriating darkness is my beloved Kali.
-Sri Ramakrishna

    Ever so cleverly, the act of giving birth is referred to as labor; another word commonly passed for work. The word's description seems so much richer than 'work'. When I think of the word 'labor', it immediately cues the idea of the bearing of fruit. Meaning that there is a pay off. The most notable to me, is the honing of a skill from utter unknowing. 

Still working through this...